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Enjoying the golden rays of the sun on a winter afternoon

July 31, 2003
I completed 3 years in my work place today. I am a bit free now to retrospect since I came in at 4.45am today - some exiciting stuff to complete in the morning. It was a very different feeling to come so early - I felt fresh and it was amazing how fast I could think!

Memories that come.....

* Suchi shouting out, "Hey are you pregnant - you look so beautiful!" which embarassed me so much, never imagining such comments can be made in an office so publicly! I miss her vivacity - she was a bundle of laughter vibrating around the whole place.

* Divya's comment on my mentor, "He is very good at whatever job he is doing now." Now I dont know why I remember that stray piece of comment - but I found so many opportunities to validate that and yes she was right.

* Poo-da's merry laughter every morning while reading Dilbert and his love for National Geographic mags.

* Moh's teasing Ra - "drinking oolong tea is having slimming effect only on your limbs, your pot belly is gaining still.." and Ra (senior elderly person) becoming speechless and red :) really amusing!

* The time when I got so affected by a random decision that I thought of quitting and the people who stood by me and fought for me....that party at some Kawa building where I stood outside in the staircase crying profusely...what a child I was .....(and still is?)

* The first Bowling party I have ever attended and the thrill of scoring 178 - yippie!

Well, well...its been a world of laughter and a world of tears - with more of laughter than tears.

posted by Tuya 6:15 PM
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July 28, 2003
When I was in 6th grade I first heard the song "Somewhere over the rainbow" - it is a different version I am listening to now (Israel Kamakawiwo'ole) - it has just as effectively wound back time.

I miss the strength and support of my father
I miss being spoilt by mother and I miss acting spoilt
I miss being idol-worshipped by my brother
I miss the genuine flattery (yes, I meant that) of my friends
I miss the easy success of academics

and for tonight I miss sleeping like a baby!

posted by Tuya 8:42 AM
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Just read this in the blog of Ramana
Imperfection is what makes us lovable, likable and real. Perfection makes us inaccessible.

I agree with it and I like the way it is put.

posted by Tuya 7:14 AM
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I am in the mood for soft sweet melodies.....the light is dim, it is night time.

* It's a world of laughter, it's a world of tears (Disney's small world)

* I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song (Jim Croce)

* Wonderful Tonight

* Sailing (Chritopher Cross)

* Fable

posted by Tuya 6:59 AM
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July 27, 2003
I like doing unconventional stuff - I dont like following rules - ever so aften I want to check out what happens if I follow the path unbeaten. Sometimes it got me into trouble but sometimes I have got returns which makes it worth the troubles!

3 fun stuff I would like to do-----

* Decide to take off Monday morning after I wake up on Monday and listen to "The moment I wake up, before I put on my make-up, I say a little prayer for you" :).

* DONT have the wisdom to understand the difference between "what I can change and what I need to accept". Ever so often I have been able to change what I thought needs to be accepted!

* Go to a 3.00am movie show @ RH.

I am doing the number 1 right now! :) I feel awfully relaxed and glad!

posted by Tuya 4:56 PM
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I enjoyed watching "Matilda" - it was so sweet. Why do I like kid stuff?

posted by Tuya 5:02 AM
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I had a lovely time with CheMe. She was here on biz trip and I spent a lot of time with her. I like her cool disposition - reminds me of Ana - calm yet strong personality. They calm me down too - when I feel restless, they are the cooling zone. Last night we drove back from office at 3.00am and I was restless but as I did small talk with her, I calmed down and by the time I was home I was ready to crash into bed. I was surprised to see Shy awake at that hour. Later he told me it was bcoz he wanted to give me company in the late hours -I was unspeakably touched. Well I am a Leo!

Bh family is back today and I was so happy to see them. They give me a sense of family and I enjoy every moment with them. I love their happiness, their enthusiasm, their human-ness.

The Saturday night was not good for me but I keep reminding myself "If it is to be; it is upto ME." I have a choice and whatever happens is bcoz of the choice I make. When I think that way it makes me feel stronger - I dont feel like a victim of circumstances and it helps me recover faster :)

posted by Tuya 4:47 AM
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