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Enjoying the golden rays of the sun on a winter afternoon

July 12, 2003
I relaxed totally today.....badminton, swimming, lunch, movie, long walk, dinner at "Noodles", shopping for Hawaii and now back home. I love this. Heard T3 is good - I want to see it at the lovely new complex -Roppongi Hills - it's 24 hour theatre - so we can make it to the movie even now - Shy has to be game! Let me try it out!

posted by Tuya 6:05 AM
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July 11, 2003
Had another great day. I am happy with myself - i am relaxed, confident and working with a strong focus - i know what i want. It's really good when someone not only recognizes your good work but goes all ga ga over it - i felt that way today...
How do you feel when 10 people tell you they would not have anyone else but you for the work they have in mind...... you feel "oh here's trouble at hand, you dont have time to relax and enjoy anymore" - ha ha.

Am I giving in to the narcissist in me?!

posted by Tuya 9:01 AM
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July 10, 2003
I had a GRRREAT day today - it was in general a lovely fun-filled day, with lots of work and yet lots of fun! Got the approval from R-san for A's travel to SNG and felt quite kicked about it - my first time!

posted by Tuya 7:36 AM
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July 07, 2003
Today R-san told me something which struck a deep note "Get your priorities right......Know what will stand by you and what will not....." He was referring to my hospital-going incident and thus my focus on health - but to me it appeared I am perhaps not having any of my priorities right in life - be it health, people, career - everything is getting confused.

On a different note, what R-san said and the way he said raised my regards for him - this place will change so much and I dont know whether I am ready for the change. Though I dont see any option for me but to be ready!

posted by Tuya 4:46 AM
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