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Enjoying the golden rays of the sun on a winter afternoon

April 12, 2003
I received a mail from Sb after a long time and it was so good. He was talking about our fights and IIMB days - it was a good glimpse of the days gone by. Lot of people responded to the chance mail and it felt good to be in touch with all the guys again. Is it not a good feeling to know you are still remembered and cared for even though you are not in touch for sometime?

posted by Tuya 7:07 AM
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April 10, 2003
I am back home - I LOVE home..I was so so homesick that I was counting hours and minutes and seconds and when the plane landed in Narita I almost had tears in my eyes. Kawa-san started laughing! For me home is the most beautiful place on earth - I dont care how nice Sydney or any other place is - I love Shy and I am waiting to meet him for lunch today. I am so happy and relieved - both because my work at Sydney was a success and of course I am home (didnt u listen to my rambling for the last few lines?!) :)

I did not know the origin of "Tumse Milke" tune is this Leo Sayer song....Swami again!

When I need you
I just close my eyes
And I'm with you. And all that I so wanna give you
It's only a heartbeat away.
When I need love
I hold out my hands
And I touch love. I never knew there was so much love
Keeping me warm night and day.
Miles and miles of empty space in between us
The telephone can't take the place of your smiie.
But you know I won't be travelling for ever.
It's cold out
but hold out
And do like I do.

posted by Tuya 6:24 PM
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April 06, 2003
My knowledge-enhancement on Sydney:

1. Taxi Drivers talk a lot. (and I like their warm rounded 'rights' - "Rroight!")

2. People are warm and helpful.

3. Almost every food joint have their receipt-printer breaking down ever so often (I have been told that 3 out of 4 times - 75%!)

4. People consider working till 7.00pm "very late". Everytime I said "well we'll be working late today" the lightning response was "what till 7.00?" (Frequency of occurrence = 5 out of 5) If you answer 8.30pm - you get that "what-you-crazy-or-something" look.

5. Came to know from Peter, on an average every family has 2.2 cars

6. Saw some houses costing 50million AUD - mortgage rate I was told is around 7-10% (have to cross-check that).

7. Sharks very often swim up from the sea to the Paramatta river right into almost 30kms inland!

posted by Tuya 6:34 PM
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Sydney is quite beautiful if you have a partner. I am missing Shy and his funny ways :(
I never realized I miss looking at the warm blue sky so much - Tokyo does not have any! That was my first feeling when I landed in Sydney - so much of sky above and so much of green below.

Though work has been hectic and yesterday I slept like I have never slept before...told my colleagues to get lost when they tried waking me up - but I am enjoying my time. I could get only half the Sunday off - but I went shopping sightseeing all on my own! I remember this personality test I took when working for ABB - it had these questions whether I ever go shopping or eating-out alone? My answer was a strong NO - I hate doing it alone. I guess I have changed a bit since - I still dont look forward to doing all that stuff alone - but I dont mind. I was quite confortable yesterday - does this mean I am becoming more and more "lonely-at-the-top" category? Dunno...

Saturday night was just too good - I relaxed after a long long time. Miho took us to the Darling Harbour area for absolutely yummy seafood. Ken was at his best and all of us laughed our hearts out...hmmm I will remember the starlit night sky, the water lapping around, the prawns, humungous lobsters, crab, (couldnt enjoy the oysters though) and Ken's jokes. We also went for a second party - my margarita coupled with the view of brightly lit Opera House and Harbour Bridge - was great.

posted by Tuya 6:20 PM
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