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Enjoying the golden rays of the sun on a winter afternoon

March 22, 2003
I could not sleep - so I logged in at this hour...hmm 1.45am is pretty late. A Japanese lady was learning a new style of breast-stroke today - she has 2 children at University level - her age is guess-able. I remembered that ad "When was the last time you did something for the first time..." Oops my typing is I have to logoff.

posted by Tuya 8:54 AM
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March 21, 2003
We bought the DVD of "Road to Perdition" and watched it at last (have been trying to see it for some time now). Quite a neat movie. I do think though the boy's (Michael) later life could have been made a little more lucid to the audience...
But it's past midnight now and I need to catch some sleep since I want to hit the gym early bye!

posted by Tuya 7:27 AM
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Am I growing old? What a question - but of course everyone is growing old at every moment. Yet, what I consider to be really growing old is when you feel you are losing touch with another generation. You dont identify some things so easily.

I am missing myself today.

posted by Tuya 7:17 AM
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March 18, 2003
I went to gym today and covered over 4kms in the treadmill - feeling immensely good after that. The UK parliament debate is right now on - I must admit Blair is too impressive - he has almost managed to convince me that war is needed - he is so convincing and I envy his mastery of the language! I am impressed!

posted by Tuya 5:33 AM
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March 17, 2003
I am BLUE today. I feel bad about everything. At every small thing I am having tears in my eyes. I dont like this self-pity-feeling I am having. I need to vanish from here.

posted by Tuya 9:12 PM
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March 16, 2003
Is there something too special about this song which makes me crazy about it?

I just want to tell you, all the things you are,
And all the things you mean to me.

When I find myself believing there's no place to go.
When I feel the loneliness inside my heart.

You're the answer to my prayer,
And you're with me everywhere.
You're my angel, miracle, you're all I need tonight.

Give me shelter from the rain,
You breathe life in me again.
You're my angel, miracle,
You're all I need to know, tonight.

Life is just a moment.
We're blowing in the wind.
We're trying to find a friend.

And only time can tell us.
If win or if we lose.
And who will stand beside us.

When there's darkness all around me,
You're the light I see.

When I need someone to ease my troubled mind.

Or is it just because I have this stupid tendency to fantasize every silly thing?

posted by Tuya 10:59 PM
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