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Enjoying the golden rays of the sun on a winter afternoon

March 11, 2003
Last Saturday I was returning with Man-di from Yamate. She is a lady who is in her mid-fifties(?) - I am back calculating since she was born prior to independence. It was a Saturday afternoon and we were travelling from Yamate to Tokyo. It's a good distance of 40/45 minutes. The afternoon sun was mellowing and she was talking about her days of youth. She has migrated from India to Japan. Now she goes to India once a year. Last time she went with a group of Japanese who were Prisoners of War (POW) during the WW-II. They were captured from Malaysia, Singapore and deported to Delhi - then relocated to a place in Rajasthan. They visited the place to pay homage to those who had passed away.......there is this sole Army base standing in that village now and the villagers were surprised to find a group of Japanese visiting this forsaken place.
It was a glimpse from history ... a time passed before I was born .... it sent a shiver through me. As if I could feel the feelings of those people who lived at that time, who felt the pain.... ahhh I am a romantic - Shy is right!

posted by Tuya 11:06 PM
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March 10, 2003
I like being spoiled, doted at...I dont get it nowadays. If I get love, I multiply it several times before returning it....but I feel so "dry" when people dont pamper me or show their love for me......umm Monday blues. No points for guessing which sunsign I belong to!
Watching the Ind-SL match now - Sri Lanka's gone - cant believe their dislay of zeroes (five batsmen out for duck) - amazing!

posted by Tuya 6:18 AM
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March 09, 2003
Highlights of the weekend:

1. Shy brought back 3 tops for me from HK and SNG - they have the sleek HK-cut and I like them. Though I feel the necessity to shed a few kilos.
2. Freaked out in gym for 3 more hours: aerobics, treadmill, cycling, swimming - whoah.
3. Saw "Hollywood-Bollywood". Rate it "ma-ma" ("so-so" in Japanese).Rahul Khanna looked dashing though his acting lacks edge. Lisa Ray was better.
4. Had golguppas brought by Din from SNG - wow, delicacies!

posted by Tuya 10:18 PM
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